Regional Director South East Asia

Volker Bromund

Volker Bromund is co-founder of PRIME Consultancy. Besides assisting clients on their market developments needs he is creating corporate finance solutions for them as well. Volker Bromund is also knowledgable on sustainable and green finance initiatives. He acted since 2014 in several instances as advisor to a range of interest groups, including supporting the Indonesian government in drawing up a renewable energy financing program.

Before teaming up at PRIME Consultancy Volker Bromund earned his credentials by working for more than 18 years for Deutsche Bank AG, out of which more than a decade in Indonesia alone, besides having assignments in Malaysia and Hong Kong for several years as well. As Director and Head of Corporate Banking Indonesia he had been responsible for the overall business relationship of Deutsche Bank AG in Indonesia with corporate clients. During his tenure, Volker Bromund had cultivated outstanding business relationships with major companies and also regulators in Indonesia, which he is maintaining until today.

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