New Market Feasibility Analysis

We carry out a very strong independent analysis and evaluation of your project to determine if it is (1) technically feasible, (2) feasible within the estimated cost, and (3) will be profitable in the country, region or continent for its intended implantation.

Our new market feasibility analysis largely covers:

  • Product acceptability and adaptability analysis;
  • Market research and industry analysis;
  • Country risk analysis (economic and political).

Our approach results in huge cost savings and significantly increases the chances of a multinational business surviving in its intended new market or region even in the most difficult arenas.

New Market Company Set-up Services

We greatly facilitate integration of a multinational business in any new market or region by setting up the legal, administrative and operational structures that will enable the company to carry out business smoothly and profitably. We have built a very strong reputation with an outstanding track record on helping multinational companies to successfully integrate and exceed expectations within a completely new market, culture and environment.

Our new market multinational company set-up services include:

  • Company incorporation (legal structure and taxation);
  • Headhunting;
  • Branding;
  • Sales team set-up and organisation;
  • Designing of an appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework;
  • Defining market penetration strategies based on strong industry knowledge;
  • Establishing an appropriate digital marketing platform involving conceiving and driving online marketing strategies.

New Market Distribution Channel Development

We will develop very responsive distribution channels involving wholesalers and retailers on behalf of multinational businesses to ensure that goods or services successfully reach end consumers in a specific country or region in the most cost efficient and profitable manner.

We have built a very strong reputation across continents in:

  • Designing distribution channels (in-country) in which consumers are allowed to buy from companies or manufacturers directly;
  • Developing distribution channels (in-country) through which consumers are allowed to buy goods through wholesalers who buy directly from companies or manufacturers;
  • Acting as exclusive suppliers of specific goods in different countries on behalf of suppliers or manufacturers based overseas.
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